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22 February 2024

Introducing Philos by The Glenrothes

Glenrothes have recently unveiled Philos, a truly unique object that combines Whisky and Yachting. 

The distinctive object is a gimbal decanter designed for Glenrothes’ Demijohn whisky to be poured at sea safely. 

The Philos comes from the collaboration of Glenrothes, Studio Indigo and Little Halstock and opens up an entirely new way of sea-faring whisky enjoyment, allowing Whisky drinkers a completely new experience.

We were tasked with creating the identity for Philos. The name itself was inspired by Philo of Byzantium, a Greek engineer celebrated for inventing the gimbal around 250 BC. We wanted to select a typeface that reflected this time so we opted for a slab serif font. 

Simple execution and precision became our guiding principle while shaping the identity, mirroring the characteristics associated with both Glenrothes and the gimbal itself. 

Our focal point was the letter ‘O’ in Philos. Through animation we crafted a visual that captured the essence of the gimbals unfolding motion as well as its distinctive form.

The next step of the project was to design a photobook-style brochure. The vision behind the brochure was to craft a collection of the moments that encapsulated the Philos journey. 

Blending full-page images with strategically placed half-page French fold inserts, the brochure combines visual and textual elements to communicate the intricate story of this remarkable journey. 

The brochure is an elegant storytelling piece that unfolds the narrative of Glenrothes and Philos. 

The brochure was printed full colour on GF Smith Max, White Matte and Takeo Tant select with a half-page French fold complete with silver foil, a pull page no French fold and is 350gsm imperial blue, linen emboss. 


Learn more about this fantastic project:

Brand/Brochure: Studio Form
Client: Edrington
Photography: James Reeve / Mark Cocksedge
Decanter Design: Studio Indigo
Manufacturing: Little Halstock
Brochure photography: Jonathan Addie
Print: Compass Print

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