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20 August 2021

Stranger in MoSCoW

At Form we believe in building a solid foundation for every project we work on, therefore we look to implement different workshops in our process to ensure maximum results for out clients.

When working on medium-large website projects we tend to offer what is known as a MoSCoW session to allow us to deep-dive into our clients business goals and requirements for the new website. The outputs of these sessions will allow us to create a road map from which to finalise a site map and functionality list, which will then go onto influence our approach and look to guide our thinking to deliver the best value and results for our clients.

So what is a MoSCoW session?

Essentially a MoSCoW session is a round the table discussion , where we look to identify from the client what they believe the website should require. This will be completed using the MoSCoW methodology where we prioritise features and functionality based on:

M – Must have this requirement to meet the platform needs

S – Should have this requirement if possible, but project success does not rely on it

C – Could have this requirement if it does not affect anything else on the project

W – Would like to have this requirement later, but delivery won’t be this time

This fact-finding discussion is guided by the team at Form and done virtually or in person via an application called MIRO. It will be the main body of what will be used to create the “Scope of Requirements” which is the deliverable of the goal setting workshop.

If you or your company feel you would benefit from participating in a MoSCoW session please get in touch.

We found the MoSCow session really beneficial in helping road map our new brand and website. It got us to think about how different people will access our site and to ensure the journey was as simple as possible in getting access to key information. This session acted as a great foundation from us to build upon.

Yvonne Walker, Recycl8

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