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20 April 2021

The Power of Imagery

Imagery is one of your most powerful tools to communicate with your audience.

At Form, we often discuss with our clients the importance of professional photography and how it can elevate your website while benefiting user interactions in more way than one.

Creating a new website or developing an existing one, when it comes down to the discussion of imagery, we mostly encourage the client to go down the route of getting a professional photoshoot scheduled. Not only does it help to give life to a site and put faces to names, but we also find that the use of good imagery helps to eliminate the need for screeds of text and communicates in a way that is simple for website users to see, understand and digest, whilst giving a real sense of the client’s business and personality.

We have longstanding relationships with multiple photographers that we can suggest if required based on client’s needs. Once the photographer is decided and booked, whether it be through a suggestion of ours or sought out by the client themselves, ourselves and the photographer would begin working together to create a photography brief ahead of the shoot.


The creation of a photography brief allows for all parties to agree on the direction that the shoot will take and ensure everyone is on the same page. The brief covers elements such as style of shots, locations, compositions, image focus, props, clothing, etc. We find this helps to ensure a smooth shoot on the day and also benefits the client in organising who will be needed at the shoot, scouting out a location and items required.

The client’s industry and product/service offerings are also taken into account during the creation of the brief. For example, when dealing with a client that handles delicate and confidential information, we will outline ways in which these elements can be captured through the images, such as eye contact, subject positioning, body language, image focus etc.

If you or your company are looking to develop a website and feel you would gain from the benefits of professional photography, please get in touch.

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