Millipede Studio

Creating a modern yet playful identity for a digital consultancy

The challenge

We were approached at the beginning of 2021 by a Brighton based brand and digital consultancy to develop a visual identity for their new company, Millipede Studio. With a wealth of experience in developing brands both off and online, we jumped at the chance to work with them.

With clients that range from startups to global brands, Millipede Studio were looking for a fun and modern approach to their new identity that would appeal to a range of clients across different sectors and help to make them stand out.

Our Approach

We created a simple, type driven brand with a playful word marque that could be brought to life through the introduction of animation. Millipede Studio tasked us with creating a series of short, fun animations to help introduce the brand.

The first animation channels the nostalgic Nokia 3210 – snake game and playfully brings the word marque to life. We are delighted to see this one out in the wild and look forward to the next stage of building the VI.


As the first part of our digital partnership with Millipede Studio, we developed a simple yet stylish holding page, allowing for just the essential information of the business to be on display.


As social media was going to play a key roll in the brand rollout, we created a series of templates based on a standardised grid system to allow the team at Millipede to roll out social media graphics themselves that felt cohesive and considered.

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