Oilenco – Visualisation

A new visual style for engineering-design market leaders


Oilenco has been providing Oil and Gas design and manufacture services since 2008. They invited us to create a new visual style for their well-intervention tools that would set them apart from the competition.


This task required in-depth market & competitor research and an exploration of visual references of connectivity and the engineering and technology sector.

The products themselves are works of technological art, so we needed our depiction of them to communicate this. The images used therefore needed to be both visually striking and demonstrative of the advanced technology, illustrating how the tool would operate to the user, whilst identifying Oilenco as industry leaders.

We chose a dark colour palette, coupled with bright dynamic-coloured accents and subtle lighting techniques, to help convey the motion of the tool. This combined with distressed textures makes for a memorable and impactful visual product.

These images were used across a collection of marketing collateral, including the Hybrid Brochure that we collaborated with the Oilenco team to create. The Hybrid Brochure was nominated for a Scottish Design Award in 2019.

These graphics were also used for their exhibition stand on display at industry-leading global events. The stand was unanimously well received, with one spectator remarking that it evoked a sense of “the dark side of the apple store”.

In addition to this, we created custom textures, lighting and materials to depict the tools authentically, and subvert the typical representation of tools that are falsely shiny and untouched. We felt that this communicated the usability of the products.

"Mark has speculatively approached us with a new concept for our render style for our marketing and we were blown away. His almost cinematic styling of the tools captured them in a way in which we'd never seen. Since then we've worked with Form to deliver a suite of stunning renders, setting our own products apart from the competition and often get compliments on. We would highly recommend working the team at Form for all your creative needs."
Warren Ackroyd
Managing Director, Oilenco
3D, Art Direction, Exhibition
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