Oilenco – Hybrid Brochure

A back to basics approach for a far from basic piece of technology

The Challenge

The brief from oil and gas engineering company, Oilenco, was to create a piece of literature that would capture potential customers’ attention and retain it for at least twenty minutes – a bold signal of intent, differentiating them from their competitors.


We set out to make this book a journey of discovery, where the customers could learn about the company and its people. Each staff member is credited, demonstrating company value and providing real context and authenticity.

Drawing inspiration from Swiss watch manufacturers, we wanted to create a book that would emulate similar associations: engineered perfection, precision, and reliability.

Combining luxury with expertise, we produced a piece of corporate literature to be retained by potential customers as a trusted point of reference. We also commissioned high quality photography specifically for use in the book.

The piece has instant visual appeal and a commanding sensory presence. Every page, word, and image evokes quality, reassuring the reader that they are investing in a reliable and experienced company.

The contrast of the metallic silver ink against the black stock is visually striking and echoes the company’s qualities of both precision and clarity.

Augmented Reality

Working with Where Giants Roam, we developed an augmented model of the Hybrid Tool, a hidden talking point for sales staff to drive excitement when presenting to potential clients.


We were delighted to be nominated for a Scottish Design Award in 2019 for our work on the Oilenco Brochure.

"The team at Form Digital helped us produce a unique brochure that truly represented our key values. Not only did the finished brochure beautifully illustrate our product, it captured the heart of our business. Whist the world moved to the convenience of digital format, the Form team suggested we regain the immersive and tactile experience of a traditional printed brochure. The combination of exquisite photography and detailed illustrations, presented on a high quality heavyweight stock delivered a truly remarkable brochure. Unquestionably, Form’s proactive engagement with our team was paramount to the success of this project."
Warren Ackroyd
Managing Director, Oilenco
3D, Art Direction, Print
Augmented Reality
Scottish Design Awards

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