A subversive brand experience for a 3D subsea scanning specialist


Viewport3 is a provider of high-end usable 3D data and visualisation solutions. They enhance their clients understanding of what lies subsea by deploying advanced software, professional underwater photography skills, and obtaining photogrammetry data to deliver pinpoint accurate data for their clients.


We began by delivering a brand workshop in partnership with Bold St Media who would be handling all of Viewport3’s messaging and PR. It’s part of our core ethos to establish a strong understanding of a brand’s story, personality and values, so that it authentically imbues the brand and site we build for them.

Our role was to create an immersive and unique brand position for Viewport3, taking inspiration from the subsea environment and the colour palette of the subsea architecture often scanned. We created a clean and visually eye-catching identity drawn from their original logo. This was rolled out across digital, print, and exhibition media.

We designed all the print and literature to be as simple and tactile as possible. They were designed with clear intentions, a stark contrast to the exhibition stand. They were utilised as an easy point of access and designed to draw the client in. The subtle debossed and foiled cards and brochure focused on the ‘V’ element.


In order to convey Viewport3’s unique capabilities – often operating at 300 meters or more in pitch black and low visibility conditions – we implemented 3D visualisation. From scanned outputs used to produce the 3D models, we were able to coherently showcase the process of data collection and scanning.


Digitally, it was crucial for the experience to be immersive, in order to reflect the company’s work and individuality. We resisted using cliche imagery of offshore assets and focussed instead on output imagery from the scans – their vibrant colours complementing the dark and mysterious backdrop representing subsea conditions.

We implemented features such as on-scroll content animation, interactive infographics, and an illuminated mouse cursor, which subtly illuminated content as you moved around the page. All of these elements enhanced the immersive user experience that we were striving for.


For Viewport3’s exhibition presence, we developed a design from the ground up, dividing customer engagement and passing engagement into separate entities. We created a stand that had a physical barrier between screens to facilitate multiple conversations, we situated more light-hearted content on the outside, and added a touch screen table for meetings and further understanding.

"Form Digital have been a pleasure to deal with from the start of our relationship. We’ve had many compliments on our brand, website and literature so certainly not just our opinion. The entire identity of your business is taken into account, heavily based on the people within the business. Creativity is off-the-charts and we’re always blown away by what the team produce."
Richard Drennan
Director , Viewport3
3D, Brand, Exhibition, Print, Web
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